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I forward to your good self the attachments as above :
A. A sketch of Baji Rout as circulated in the common folk.
B. A photograph of Martyr Baji Rout on his funeral pyre.

He is supposedly the youngest martyr of Odisha or India. Please look into our correspondence below and supply us with documents and/or photos/sketches in soft copy or scanned attachments for proceeding with this noble mission.

We came upon this idea while working together on Climate Change Initiatives (OCCCO) / Water Resource Initiatives (RJB). Please post your valuable suggestions for the posterity of this noble land of ours.

Manas Ranjan Mishra
09437010262, 09937140840.

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Sent: Monday, April 18, 2011 1:14 PM
PRABHUJI please find the photo enclosed by dear Amlam from their archives I suppose. Regards.


Lets make small measures first. We will start with the stamp of Baji Rout. He might be the youngest martyr on this land. Then will learn a lot while doing it. Next step for all freedom fighters. Many of the stamps might be available. I believe the attachment you have enclosed is that of his last rites. HE DIED FOR US ! To give us the sweet fruits of freedom. Now you see brother the 'SYSTEMS' of free India have made it their birth right to gormandize on the sweat and blood of many such immaculate martyrs. Why be silent when we are not blood-thirsty ? Lets call the spade as that.

We have seen all the efforts on environment at Angul. Indeed figures of environmental work is astoundingly high. But on the other hand I must admit the collosal environmental damage ia appaling to the prudent mind. Truth does not surface until brave-hearts take their risk. Are we waiting for catastrophe ?

All the best.
Manas Ranjan Mishra
09437010262, 09937140840.

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Sent: Monday, April 18, 2011 12:30 PM
Dear Manas bhai,

Our internet was out of service for few days. hence, sorry for the delay in reply.

I am sending you a picture of Baji Rout in JPG format. (This is the spelling of his name)
Thanks for your effort. Yes, there should be a postal stamp on baji Rout. And also many more freedom fighters of Orissa.

With regards,

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Sent: Thursday, April 14, 2011 11:42 PM
Dear Prabhuji,

A postal stamp be released in the name of Punyatma Beera Bazi Raut. Could you please volunteer to accomplish the needful procedures to get it done. I am enclosing a painting of the great soul which I accidentally got recently. There is no posting on the internet. He is the 12years old freedom fighter who shed his life against the mighty Britishers while he tried to save the Praja Andolan public meeting in a river delta of Brahmani near Bhuban village while he denied the boating to the intruders.
Manas Ranjan Mishra
09437010262, 09937140840.

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